Wednesday, September 28, 2016



It had been a rainy day, the clouds finally decided to part.
The sun was just about to set for the evening.
I strapped on my bright yellow rubber boots and headed to the edge of the forest to watch that sun go down.
So many times.
Countless times have I watched the sun go down.
Has it gotten old?
Will it ever?
Never, I tell you.
As I approached my watching spot, I began to notice that the forest was sparkling.
Raindrops. Everywhere there were raindrops.
Glistening with that orange sun behind them.
It was like a magical dream.
I needed my camera.
I was going to bring it but for some reason I didn't
I raced back to the house as fast as my short legs could take me.
In my bright yellow rubber boots, running through the forest, hopping over logs, ducking under low tree limbs.
Thankfully, I had gone out there too early.
I was too impatient to wait another 15 minutes.
But I'm so glad I didn't.
Finally, back to the house.
Grabbing my camera, and racing back to the edge of the forest.
I barely made it in time!
The running and hundreds of mosquito bites were SO worth it!

  Much love to all♥