Saturday, December 31, 2016

I can hardly believe another year has passed.
It's so crazy to me how fast time flies.

As I reflect upon this past year,
I was thinking of the events, what God has taught me this year.
This year had me learning patience. And waiting.
Waiting on God's time.
His perfect time.
Oh, how difficult that can be.
Such a simple, yet difficult task at times.
But oh, how blessed you will be of you just wait upon the Lord.
For His timing IS perfect

What a blessed year 2016 truly has been!
Making new friends and reuniting with the old ones. ❤

This year, life hasn't been anything extremely extravagant
Just simple, beautiful and fun!

Many adventures I have had this year.
Such fun memorable adventures!

Road trips.
Visiting friends and family.
Many canoeing trips.
wonderfully spent time with such wonderful people.
Making fabulous memories.
Star gazing.
Taking long walks, enjoying creation.
Picking many wildflowers.
Making many bouquets.
Spent a good bit of wonderful time with my great-grandmother.
Sipping on tea.
Documenting life.
Watching many a sunrises and sunsets.
Many beach trips with some of my favorite people.
Mission trip to Nicaragua.
And so many more fabulous things!

I really have way too many great photographs from this year to pick just a few.
But I've done my best.
{You can find the collage that I posted on instagram}

I do hope that this year brings many wonderful things to you!
Happy New Year!


Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Christmas time. 
Happiness all around. 
Yummy smells. 
Sitting in the dim light of the tree. {oh, how lovely!}
A time for giving. 
A time of reuniting. 
A time for bundling up. {For only a short while if you live in Florida}
Wearing fun socks, sweaters and leg warmers. 
Hot cocoa. 
Bright reds & dark greens. 
Christmas music. 
And more!
I just can't help loving this time of year!

One of my favorite memories as a kid;
The day after Thanksgiving;
My sister and I turn the Christmas music on, {nice and loud}
Christmas lights get brought out. 
They get strung up. 
All the other lights in our bedroom are off. 
And we'd play card games. 
The temperature outside was dropping low. 
The house felt cozier and cozier. 

Oh, how I miss those days!
I miss that cold, cold weather. 
I miss the  completely bare trees. 
The bundling up for months. 

Christmas in Florida just isn't the same. 
It's still so warm,
There's still blooming flowers,
So much green on the trees. 
It doesn't seem right to me. 

Even still, 
I know and remember the real important thing about this season. 

Celebrating the birth of Christ Jesus. 

Even though with growing up came many changes. 
That will always be the same. 

Some things never change. 

Have a super awesome Christmas, everyone!❤️