Friday, September 23, 2016



So, today is going to be a fun post! I want to tell you all how I ice dye! It's super fun project! I know this would normally be a summer post and it's the second day of fall, but I tie-dye any season of the year ;-)
I'm sure you've all heard of tie-dying. This is a similar thing. I guess you could say that it's taking tie-dye to the next level. If you know me at all, you know I LOVE tie-dye. The whole process, I just find so thrilling! Every step is so fun!
Anyway, let's get on with it, shall we?!

 Step 1: Soak your shirt, ring it out.

 Step 2: Place a cooling rack on top of or in a small tub.

 Step 3: place your shirt on the rack. Any way you please! You can swirl it or fold it however you want. I just scrunched this one up.

Step 4: Pile the ice on top of the shirt!

Step 5: Pour the powder dye on top of the ice.

Step 6: Watch the magic happen! {The melting of the ice} Only, I was way too impatient to sit there and wait for the ice to melt, so I brought out my handy-dandy hairdryer and melted the ice ;-)
If you did this project out in the sun, I'm sure it would melt quite quickly. But I've only done it in the kitchen :-)

Step 7: After the ice is all melted, just wrap your shirt in plastic wrap like so:

and let it set for 6-8 hours. The longer it sets, the more vibrant the colors will be!

After it has set for 6-8 hours, rinse your shirt out until the water is almost clear. Then wash your shirt separately from any other clothes. It will still have more dye in it than you think. Or just hand wash it. {Clarifying: You only need to do that the first time you wash it. After that just wash it with like colors.}

And here is the finished product!

Luckily have a great friend who happens to be a model!

 Have a great! Now go ice dye! ;-)