Sunday, October 30, 2016


Going to the beach is always fun and exciting.
But getting up early for the sunrise is just super!!!
So we get up, we're tired.
Yet so excited.
We're on our way, the sky is beginning to awaken.
I'm worried we're going to miss it.
Finally, our arrival!
We made it in time!
The very edge of the earth is turning bright pink.
The excitement continues to well up.
You can't even imagine the beauty of it unless you see it in person.
The sun begins the peak over the horizon.
So bright.
So big.
So orange.
Oh! The beauty!!
A lovely photograph, indeed!
Orange, yellow, pink, purple, blue.
God's paintings are the best.
A big bird, enjoying the sunrise as well.
Another lovely photograph.
A bird silhouette.
So majestic looking.
The sun goes higher, it gets smaller looking.
Our attention is now on the shells.
Little beach gems.
Small pieces of precious treasure.
Placing in a mason jar for safe keeping.
Now for resting.
Basking in that beautiful warm sunshine.
A truly lovely morning it was!

This was supposed to be yesterdays post.
Sorry that it's a day late. 
I was gone literally almost all day, yesterday.



  1. I love your writing style... and photos!!! Can't wait to see FL!!!

  2. Thank you so much!!❤️ I can't wait for you to see it!! We'll have to get up lots of mornings for an ocean sunrise and we'll also have to go to some sunsets!!